List of products by brand Komfovent

Air filters for recuperators of mechanical ventilation units with Komfovent units.

We produce all types of HVAC filters for recuperators, ventilation, air conditioning. Our offer includes, among others, filters for recuperators for mechanical ventilation units with Komfovent units, made in accordance with the currently applicable air filtration standards. Filters are adapted to Komfovent central ventilation units with heat recovery.


- Komfovent Domekt CF 250 F | CF 250 F | CF 400 V | CF 500 F | CF 700 F | CF 700 H/V | CF 900 | CF 900 F

- Komfovent Domekt P 400 H/V | P 700 H/V | P 900 H/V

- Komfovent Domekt PP 300 V | PP 450 V

- Komfovent Domekt R 200 V | R 250 F | R 300 V | R 400 F | R 400 H | R 400 V | R 450 V | R 500 H/V | R 500 U | R 600 H | R 600 U | R 700 F | R 700 H/V | R 900 U

- Komfovent Domekt S 650 F | S 700 F | S 800 F | S 100 F

- Komfovent Kompakt OTK

- Komfovent Kompakt Recu

- Komfovent Kompakt Rego

- Komfovent RHP

- Komfovent Verso CF

- Komfovent Verso P

- Komfovent Verso R

- Komfovent Verso S

Confirming in the selection of a product, we encourage you to contact us by phone or e-mail, you can also use the tips included in the categories. All products are delivered directly from our warehouse and shipped according to the scheduled delivery date. Products that are in stock are shipped within 24 hours. Filters made to order on 7 working days. In the absence of the filters you need in our store, please send an email with the necessary information. We will prepare an offer, once you accept it, we will make the products you need.

Sorry. Products under preparation, will appear soon.

Search again for what you are looking for. You can also write or call us. Provide the brand and model of the recuperator along with the dimensions of the filters and a photo of the currently installed ones. We will present an offer and make it for you.